AS YOU LIKE. Sixto Peláez (1990)

As you like

my man , man of mine, my love

love of mine, desire of mine


you are the Emperor  Do with  me

as you will;

take me  drag me  move me

mistreat me

jolt me and jilt me

Make me feel like you  Make me like you

Be like you

And we shall see what    I  shall do

with you


You are you, all of you are you, they are you

They ar all you  -yoohoo


You are, you feel, you grow,

you grow, you feel you are

I eat, you too

See you as I?

You think as I

But are totally unlike


I like eating you, I eat like you, the

                   /lightning, thunder and lightning

You make your own bed

You believe in it

It´s like you! like you do

She´s like you


You are like you are you like her

You are her before  being like you

or human like you

as unlikely as you


Make your I  from others !

With others, with the pieces

with their fractions, with theirs parts, the crux

your you which for others is their I, was their I

you are theirs, I am theirs in part

and partly your yours, in part because I am


The nearest thing to human flesh

of man is whip flesh

the nearest thing to meat is hunger

hunger brings to mind meat


It all goes back to the same original pain

to correlative indecision and inexperience

to confinements  joyfully released


You can´t find  or

forecast or see yourself  in future with anyone

other than another like you

in another

who like you

can´t begin to see

the future

with anyone

other than you


You are made

you purposefully live by weight

you´re undersold and underdone

and you play youself down

over and above all


You make another like you!

You uniform them all

A beastly beauty and you send it on ahead


There´s a fact that´s a part

It goes straight to the heart


there´s a fact, there´s a part

a pact, a fact, a fart packed into

the tract in the tart


You hang with her

you rise again

lay the dust

You die with her

up her nose


You hang on her   on her explosion

of the sea that covers the stretch

the changes stretching


I must take a decision

Fuse thousands of beams


Between you and me there´s a day after, later

the difference


A space we have to cover


between you and me

with falls and bits resulting


of determinations and resolutions


Between you and my heart

there´s a space in erection


covering the Emperor




begoña egurbide


Translated by: Andrew Langdom Davies


boton boton boton boton